Commercial Idustrial Hydraulics cc is a private company that has been importing, selling and servicing hydraulic components since 1981. Originally started in Alberton, it moved premises to Kempton Park and finally to Anderbolt in Boksburg North.

CIH has experience in running major hydraulic business since 1964. The company has successfully supplied many large and small contracts around South Africa, with Iscor, Kumba, Exxaro, Anglo America & BHP Billiton being some of the larger customers.

Service Investment and Facilities

CIH also has a fully equipped hydraulic component repair workshop in Anderbolt, Boksburg North where repairs on pumps, valves and motors are performed.

The company does not re-work old worn parts, but repairs old units with new parts.

This is in order to give customers the best possible service, value for money and full guarantees expected.

On site work (Hydra Team)

The company is able to help replace hose assemblies on machines that might be undergoing rebuilding, and this type of work is currently being done for many customers.

On-Site hose assembly workshops (Hydra Shop)

Traditionally, mining customers prefer to have site workshops set up to make assemblies.

CHI has hydraulic crimppers and equipment available to any clients where the turnover warrant the cost of setting up such workshop.

Depending on the size, CIH can also offer to run such a workshop, thereby offering the client the guarantee of factory quality assemblies.

This takes the burden of product liability of our clients. It gives the customers immediate on-site service with minimum downtime.

Customers are always assured of the highest quality standards. These workshops are manned by staff we train up, and the client also has the advantage of a person that can help troubleshoot on hose problems without extra expense.

Priceing is controlled to a standard contracted price and hose usage is measurable each month.

Replaced hoses are assessed and improved upon if needed. This includes the need to change lengths, add protection coil, improve heat protection sleeving, use a spaecial high tempreture hose etc.

This is intended to try and bring down the cost of production by improving the standard of product to suit each individual application.

Quality standards

All work is done to high standards.


The company invests and produces it’s own catalogues which have been adapted from overseas suppliers catalogues, and are designed to suit the typical range of products needed in our market.

This was found to be an important factor to help supply clients requirements and to facilitate understanding and correspondence between clients and CIH staff.