Hydraulic Pumps

We carry a wide range of commercial gear pumps, bearings and bushing type. These pumps are widely used for common applications on hydraulic systems, from the P20 range through to the P365 range.

We also have a range of piston pumps, the A10V series which comes in 71cc and 100cc.

These units comes as pressure compensated or load sensing and can be used as a replacement for the Bosch Rexroth units.

Our YEOSHE piston pumps are also widely used and comes in38cc, 42cc and 70cc.
These are also pressure compensated or load sensing and better suited for smaller applications than the A10V series.

The V70/V38 piggy back pump is well suited for drill rigs.

We carry VANE pumps which is a direct replacement for the Dennison pumps in the T6 range.

These units are widely used in mining sectors for underground machines.

We carry a full range of parts for all these units. A test certification is issued with every new or repaired unit.

Hydraulic Pump from COmercial Industrial Hydraulics